Welcome to the 2001 edition of the Bucher family Christmas web page!

2001 has been an eventful year for us.  This summer marked the end of Eric's three-year contract with Westmoreland Primary Health Center, and the long-term prospects in Greensburg were looking dimmer than ever.  So, after a job hunt that took him from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and beyond, he settled out on a pediatric practice in Newburyport, Massachusetts, about an hour north of Boston.

Like any area, the north shore region of Massachusetts has its pros and cons:

        Pro:    We're only 15 minutes from the beach

        Con:   The beach is on the north Atlantic, which is about

                                12 degrees in mid July

        Pro:    The cultural life of Boston is only an hour's drive away

        Con:   Have you ever driven in Boston?

           Pro:    We're only 10 minutes from the shopping in sales-tax-free

                                New Hampshire

        Con:   Elaine has access to all of our credit cards

Anyway, Eric's new practice seems to suit him well.  He has a four-day work week, a one in eight on-call schedule, and the possibility of partnership in a few years if all goes well.

Elaine has been busy with the girls and, most notably, with another pregnancy.  We are expecting our third (and last--really) child in early April.  The 20 week ultrasound confirmed Eric's worst fears--he will be the only male Bucher in New England.  Elaine has been doing well, and the girls are both excited about the prospect of a new sibling.  In the meantime, Elaine has continued to wax frighteningly domestic.  She made Laura's Halloween costume (Sleeping Beauty for the less Disneyfied among you), baked and decorated Christina's birthday cake, is currently working on a needlepoint project, and yes, she does subscribe to Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Laura turned five in October, missing the September deadline for kindergarten.  She has been enjoying preschool and had her birthday at Bonkers Fun House Pizza with the largest indoor maze on the east coast.  She has continued her piano lessons and has adjusted well to the new environment.  Now if she can only keep from picking up the Massachusetts accent...

Christina turned two in September and single-handedly defines what the phrase "terrible twos" really means.  While it was never our intention to use a nickname, she has declared herself to be "Tina" and has become so in our household.  She has also become convinced that there can somehow be only one big sister in any one family at a time, so Laura is going to be stepping down when the new baby arrives.  God help that poor pathetic baby.

Hope the holiday finds all of you well, and drop us a line any time.

Eric, Elaine, Laura & Christina Bucher

64 Highland Street

Amesbury, MA  01913

(978) 388-6789