Welcome to the Bucher Christmas Page for 2004!  As always, click on any of the small pictures to view a full-sized version.

The past year has been largely one of stability (read as: makes for a boring web page).  Eric continues in his job and continues to fancy himself handy, this year building a shed and taking up woodworking as a hobby.  So far he's made picture frames and coffee tables as gifts for other people.  Maybe eventually he'll make something presentable enough to put in his own house.  Elaine thinks he just likes being able to say things like "random orbit sander" and "variable speed plunge router" in conversations with other men.  The family pictures at right and above, by the way, are almost a year old (February 2004) but likely the only ones we'll take for a long, long time.

Elaine has been more than busy with preschool, real school, soccer games, piano lessons, swimming lessons, birthday parties, etc.  She continued her annual tradition of making the older girls' Halloween costumes and, miraculously, there were no princesses or fairies or other terminally girly choices this year.  Apparently Eric's enforced watching of the Justice League with the girls finally paid off in some small way. . .  In her first trick-or-treating expedition Rachel wore the traditional Cookie Monster getup that Eric vowed six long years ago would be the only two-year-old costume he would ever purchase.

Laura entered second grade this fall and turned eight in October.  It's been said that officially this makes her a "tween" or, as Eric likes to call it, a "nightmare in training."  Examples: a manicure makeover birthday party at a local day spa (Eric cowered in abject terror at home) and yes, she has a favorite clothing designer she knows by name.  Last year she won third place in the school science fair and is plotting her assault on second place this spring.  She still plays piano--you can hear a couple of her recent pieces by clicking this link.

Tina turned five in late September, just missing the cut-off for kindergarten entry.  She had a safari party complete with live animals including a bantam hen, an albino hedgehog, a gecko, two Madagascar hissing cockroaches (the "Fear Factor" ones), a tarantula, a California king snake, a blue-tongued skank lizard, a tortoise, a tree frog, scorpions, a python, and a baby alligator.  None of which were half as frightening to see in our living room as the dozen ostensibly human guests she invited.  Tina has also been taking piano lessons (hear her play at this link) and graduated to "no bubbles" in swimming class.

Rachel turned two in April and the following week we spent at the Expensive-ist Place on Earth.  She and her sisters enjoyed the trip to Orlando, which is a good thing as we are never, ever doing it again.  Or at least that's what Eric swears.  Rachel otherwise leads an unexciting existence consisting of various bodily functions, the occasional playgroup, and tormenting her sisters and mother.

Hope this finds all of you well, and our family wishes yours all the best for happy holidays and a great 2005.

Eric & Elaine

Laura, Christina, and Rachel

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Amesbury, MA 01913

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